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How does mediation help my family?


Our family mediators have a great deal of experience of the issues surrounding separation and divorce and are able to give you general information about all the options available to your family. Family mediators will also be able to ask both of you important questions about the practical impact on your family of any option [...]

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Getting it Right for Children when Parents Part


Getting it Right for Children when Parents Part This is a free skills-based programme helping you work out what's best for your kids when you're planning your separation. You can find it here:    

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How do we write a Parenting Plan?


Splitting Up? Putting Kids First This website is excellent and free! It's an online resource to help you write your parenting plan. You can find it here:   What is a Parenting Plan Bringing up children involves lots of joint decisions. If you don't live together, it is harder to make these decisions as you [...]

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What about consulting our children in mediation?


Direct consultation with children involves a family mediator who is trained as a child consultant talking with a child or children as a part of a mediation in which arrangements are being made for children. The government has suggested that children aged 10 and above should generally have access to a mediator when questions about [...]

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